Our Products

Notebooks, diaries, cards and patterned papers with an emphasis on craft, quality and traditional manufacture. Each item is a quiet celebration of pattern, influenced by architecture, abstract geometry and artists such as Sol LeWitt, Anni Albers and Donald Judd. 

The prints are gradually drafted on paper, then handprinted at our London workshop to test and refine the designs before being handed over to our makers.

Our Makers

Firmly rooted in quality and tradition ola products are crafted in small quantities by local manufacturers; made with patience and dedication to detail.

Preferring to use age-old processes such as stitching in place of gluing, inks laid with a roller instead of digitally; each piece has a distinct charm and character that can only come from traditional craftsmanship.

ola pattern printed
ola notebook binding
ola pattern papers

Our Founder

ola was founded by Katy Goutefangea in 2014. Her dedication to craft and love of process and materials stem from her background as a studio printmaker and bookbinder.  Katy brings the knowledge and experience gained during her fine art degree to her work as well as her ongoing research into historical design and traditional techniques.