INSPIRATION | Shape and colour


We’d like to share what's been inspiring us here in the studio, and in turn, shaping our latest collection.

From the bold shapes found in the Respite Pavilion by Graeme Massie Architects, to the distinctive colour and form in the work of Ellsworth Kelly. Our most recent collection is an ode to simplicity, shining a spotlight on the materials and processes we choose.

Celebrating five years of the Layflat Notebook and featuring a new range of pencils, our 'Everyday Objects' range reimagines and explores some of our favourite everyday items. Below are some images which are currently pinned to our studio walls, we look forward to sharing more with you soon …

respite pavilion.jpg

Images (top - bottom)

(1&2) Respite Pavilion by Graeme Massie Architects, (3) Ellsworth Kelly, (4) Barbara Hepworth and (5) Ellsworth Kelly.

Katy Goutefangea