ola | James Cropper Paper Mill


In early December we were invited by G.F Smith to visit the James Cropper Mill where our papers are made. Located in England’s picturesque Lake District, the James Cropper mill was established in 1845 and has been making paper there ever since.

colour lab.jpg

Beginning our tour in the colour laboratory and ending in their paper archive room, we got to witness the masters at work, refining pulp to paper. We got to explore the mill in its entirety and to witness their broad range of machinery in action. One of the most visually satisfying parts of the tour was getting to see the coloured pigment being added to the paper pulp in an enormous mixer.

Photo 05-12-2018, 11 56 14.jpg

Most importantly the family-run mill shares our passion for creating luxury products with a conscious attitude. Sustainability is an essential part of every decision they make. Living and working by the mantra that paper is truly renewable, recyclable and sustainable.

purple green pulp.jpg

Thank you again to G.F Smith for the invite, to the James Cropper Mill for having us and to Jamie for showing us around!

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Katy Goutefangea