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Occasionally we receive a delivery of products that we aren't able to sell. Maybe the ink colour has been mixed incorrectly or a batch of cards have been printed onto the wrong paper. We hate the thought of a perfectly usable item going to waste, so this has meant that over the years we've needed to think up innovative ways to store and use them.

Children of Masindi.jpeg

We were recently introduced to Karen Edwards, the founder of Children of Masindi, a charity supporting the children and young people of Masindi, Uganda. On hearing of her work with the Kamurasi Demonstration Primary School, we offered to donate 500 Layflat Notebooks, that we couldn’t sell for one reason or another, to the students.

We were delighted to receive these photographs of the children and their new notebooks! To find out more about the Children of Masindi and the work they're doing head over to their website >> www.childrenofmasindi.org

A5008ML - Layflat Notebook, Dash Print in Leaf Green and Ruled, ola.jpg
Katy Goutefangea